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As Christians, we believe that God is the creator and protector of everything that exists. God’s character is best described as ‘love’, and God’s passions are for peace, justice and joy for everyone and for the whole world order. Listed below are our beliefs and you can meet the friendly faces you will see around church.


As Christians, we follow Jesus Christ. It’s been said ‘God is Christlike, and in him is no unChristlikeness at all.’ If we want to understand what God is like, what God would say and do, we have only to look at this extraordinary life, a life that has been the pivot on which history has turned.


When you go through a Church door you are entering more than a building.

When you enter Immanuel Church you are entering part of the wider Diocese of Blackburn.  This is because our Church is part of a family of Churches in the Lancashire area, closely connected together under our Bishop, Philip.


Our historic Church speaks of a Christian presence in the community of Feniscowles and Pleasington. A Church is first and foremost a group of people (not a building) who have a strong sense of being called together by Jesus Christ, the Son of God. We welcome all from the surrounding areas in Blackburn.


First, because we believe in God. This compels us to speak about the nature of creation, the purpose of life, our values, being human with dignity and justice, and our utter conviction in the reality of life beyond death.


Second, because we take spiritual things seriously. That prompts us to worship and to pray. Beauty, love, goodness and all things that enrich life: these form the atmosphere of our worship. Come and see for yourself on any Sunday or Thursday at one of our Services.


Finally, because we have pledged to be a presence in this community, and to promote the common good there. Our historic Church building tells the story of those who lived and worshipped here before us. Our Vicar, David, will baptise your children and will care for you in illness, death and grief; celebrate your marriage, bless your homes and simply be available in times of distress or festivity.


Very simply, we are the Church of England in Feniscowles and Pleasington. Come and explore. And may God show you the path to life in its perfection and glory.

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